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Media Day: Blooms by Inside The Knot

And so… Inside The Knot has finally launch our very own floral classes!

We’ve heard raves from our brides, the guests, our Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day clients about our bouquets and floral arrangements, so we thought why not share our love for flowers with everyone else!

Blooms by Inside The Knot is our very own floral arrangement class that will be held bimonthly for those who are interested in learning to create their very own floral arrangements or even bouquets. You don’t need prior knowledge or fanciful equipments, just come with an open heart to learn and explore! Taught by experienced florists, Blooms by Inside The Knot encourages participants to unleash their creativity, infuse their personality and craft a floral piece that is reflective of them! Classes will be conducted à la flower market style – so that participants can also learn how to pick and choose their own blooms. Classes are kept intimate to ensure participants get adequate advice and feedback on their own floral piece.

We had a cosy afternoon session with our media friends and this is what we were up to!

Blooms by Inside The Knot-0001_Fotor

          Blooms by Inside The Knot-0005_Fotor          Blooms by Inside The Knot-0003_Fotor

          Blooms by Inside The Knot-0002_Fotor            Blooms by Inside The Knot-0006_Fotor

Blooms by Inside The Knot-0013_Fotor          Blooms by Inside The Knot-0021_Fotor 

        Blooms by Inside The Knot-0008_Fotor        Blooms by Inside The Knot-0034_Fotor

Blooms by Inside The Knot-0027_Fotor

Blooms by Inside The Knot-0029_Fotor

Blooms by Inside The Knot-0031_Fotor

        Blooms by Inside The Knot-0036_Fotor           Blooms by Inside The Knot-0046_Fotor

         Blooms by Inside The Knot-0047_Fotor         Blooms by Inside The Knot-0052_Fotor

Blooms by Inside The Knot-0049_Fotor

       Blooms by Inside The Knot-0051_Fotor          Blooms by Inside The Knot-0081_Fotor

        Blooms by Inside The Knot-0070_Fotor          Blooms by Inside The Knot-0058_Fotor

        Blooms by Inside The Knot-0087_Fotor           Blooms by Inside The Knot-0094_Fotor

        Blooms by Inside The Knot-0064_Fotor          Blooms by Inside The Knot-0075_Fotor

Stay tuned for more details on Blooms by Inside The Knot, coming to you this July! For updates, visit us at Blooms by Inside The Knot tab on our Facebook Page.

To sign-up for Blooms by Inside The Knot, register HERE!

Photographer: Feelm
Food, Styling, Decor and Flowers : Inside The Knot
Venue: Our Humble Office


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